BIOCAD Dental Lab’s CAD/CAM PFMs are fabricated with the next generation of optical scanner, Nobel Procera™ for a precision fit and consistent quality providing you an excellent alternative in cases where the clinical situation limits the application of All Ceramic Restorations. Cobalt chromium restorations are milled from a solid monobloc and are both biocompatible and nickel, cadmium and beryllium-free. Cobalt chromium frameworks combine cost-efficiency and exceptional quality.

Nobel Procera™ is trademarks of Nobel Biocare

Nobel Procera™ is trademarks of Nobel Biocare


  • Cost efficient
  • Light weight
  • High strength
  • Biocompatible


  • Crowns and bridges up to 6-units (on teeth and abutments)
  • Any position in the mouth
  • Implant superstructures

Nobel Procera Computer

Preparation Requirements:

  • Circular shoulder preparation with rounded inner edges or chamfer with a width of approx. 1 mm
  • No feather edges
  • Minimal occlusal reduction of  1.0mm
  • Avoid sharp edges and angles
  • Make sure to observe minimum layer thicknesses (stability of the restoration)

Cementation Recommendation:

  • Conventional or temporary cementation